Drawsomething Blackhawks Edition



What does it MEEAAAAN http://on.mtv.com/14Qa4Rg

So the first one looks kinda like this? If you tweak it a little bit. Which is called 4-spiral-bullseye. Which could mean that the Alphas target Derek and this is their warning?

And I think the second one was established to be the Alpha Pack symbol… like Derek’s tattoo (could be) his family crest.

And the last one was standing for revenge in season 1.

And I think we already got the spoiler, that the Alpha Pack is there especially for Derek. So. Revenge on Derek? For… I don’t know, the first one is not a knot, so my pun won’t work *sadface* 

Maybe they’re just jealous because Derek got such awesome new spiral stairs…. theeere you go. 

Guess the fanfiction!

Blackhawks TV Edition

The Wooing of Duncs!

The Wooing of Duncs!

A Love Story in drawhawks!

A Love Story in drawhawks!